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PCT after Dianabol

Post-cycle therapy is fairly standard: clomid or tamoxifen. Anastrozole can be started during the course to protect you from the aroma.

PCT duration: 2 weeks. Use gonadotropin injections for longer treatments or if you need to get pregnant immediately after treatment. After combined cycles based on testosterone esters, PCT can start later (in the case of enanthate).

There is definitely a comeback after Dianabol, but this is due to the use of fluid and not a significant loss of muscle mass, as some people mistakenly believe. If you study the “how to take it” section carefully and follow the advice, the recurrence phenomenon will be minimal.

Tamoxifen and PCT

Many people use tamoxifen after steroid treatment due to its low cost. Its use allows the testicles to work faster and release their own testosterone. The result is: the efficient production of the male hormone is normalized, thanks to which muscle mass is preserved. But here’s the hook. The direct function of tamoxifen is to reimburse the estrogen levels in the body.

And its shortcomings include slow testicular function, which suggests that it is not the best choice of PCT drug. There is a very effective drug for treatment after cycling: clomiphene citrate, which does a good job and is considered most recommended for PCT. It is true that its price is 2-3 times higher than the price of tamoxifen, but the result is much better.

Clomid and PCT

Clomid (active ingredient – clomiphene citrate). The name of Clomid Pharmaceutical Analog is Clostilbegit. Clomiphene citrate was developed to combat female infertility. Although the effect of clomiphene differs slightly from the effect of tamoxifen, clomid and clomid beget have been used successfully in bodybuilding on PCT. Studies have shown that clomiphene is included in the work faster, but the effectiveness of tamoxifen is even greater. Clomid does not affect progesterone receptors, so it is an ideal choice after nandrolone and trenbolone cycles. Clomiphene has a relatively long half-life – approx. 5-7 days, which means that its effect remains even after you stop the drug.

Clomid and Tamoxifen after Dianabol

After treatment with anabolic steroids, postcyclic therapy is performed after 2 or 3 days. Tamoxifen is used 10 to 20 mg per day or Clomid 25 to 50 mg per day for 3-4 weeks. During the last week, the dose should be reduced slightly, then completely stop taking the drug. In such therapy, testosterone boosters, zinc, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are indicated.

Such therapy is necessary to restore testosterone synthesis itself, as well as sports nutrition.