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Dianabol on course

How to take methandienone?

Danabol is easy to use. The basic rule is to divide the dose into 4-5 doses during the day. The optimal dose is 60 mg, for beginners it is best to start with 30 mg. Daily. If you choose large doses of the drug, it is best to take such a course under the supervision of a specialist and with long experience of the use of various steroid courses.

Because Dianabol has a very strong anabolic effect, its use to build muscle mass should not be made in as high doses as many other oral anabolic steroids. The dose of methandrostenolone should be approached with extreme caution, given the risk of side effects in the liver, as the use of higher doses leads to an increase in side effects.

It is important to note that the difference between beginners, intermediate or advanced athletes is not increasing the dose of Dianabol. Many advanced bodybuilders get all the benefits they want from a low dose.

Dianabol dosage for women should not be discussed, as this anabolic steroid variant is not used very often among sportswomen due to its significant masculinizing effects.

Danabol applications and courses

The courses to use Dianabol are simple in most cases. The drug is usually used during the period to gain muscle mass and strength building, when the bodybuilder or athlete does not worry too much about fluid retention and swelling. The Dianabol course is therefore typical of the “off season” period, during which bodybuilders strive to achieve the above goals. The drug is usually part of a course along with an injectable anabolic steroid that is most commonly used as one of the testosterone variants, such as testosterone enanthate.

In most cases, Dianabol is used during the first 4-6 weeks of the strength and muscle building cycle and begins to work while the user waits for the effects of a slower injection (eg Testosterone Enanthate). The use of Dianabol activates the necessary mechanisms at the beginning of the course and allows you to achieve maximum results. Taking Dianabol for more than 4-6 weeks would be very risky due to its structural properties in the form of C17 alpha-alkylation leading to a negative effect on the liver (and especially on cholesterol levels).

This is another reason why methandrostenolone is used as an initial course for a maximum of 4-6 weeks.

Short-term Dianabol treatments are sometimes combined with the use of short-acting testosterone esters. Testosterone propionate is the most common. However, the Dianabol regimen in these cases still remains toxic for more than 4-6 weeks (while, for example, testosterone propionate can often be extended outside this range if needed).

Dianabol is very rarely used as a fat burner, although some users use it for this purpose. Such use is not recommended due to the negative estrogenic effects (fluid retention and swelling). Due to the accumulation of fluid in the body, it can be difficult to measure fitness when you lose weight. There is an ambiguous approach to Dianabol cycles for fat burning, as fat loss is mainly achieved through the athlete’s diet and does not depend on which of the anabolic steroids was used.


No cases of overdose have been identified. It is forbidden to take the medicine for more than 10 weeks. In case of overdose, side effects occur.